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IT, IoT & Communications

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Our Principles

Technology is Key

Binary Taskforce is a team of professionals working together. Our goal is simple, enabling technology to the public.

Knowledge is Power

Educate our clients the possibility, opportunity and provide informed, viable options. This is how we build trust and understandings for a long lasting business relationships.

Simple is Elegant

Stop re-inventing the wheel. Saving time and money with a success-proven, off-the-shelf technology, we are the professionals to put them together and we stand behind our work.

Be there for you... is Caring

Business relationship is never project based. When it comes to support and continuous improvements, we go where you go as if sitting at the last cubicle in your office.


Wireless & IoT

Development using high-level communication protocols such as ZigBee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. We support a wide variety of microcontrollers and System on a chip (SoC) development.

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Android & Arduino

Mobile & Physical Computing

Binary Taskforce does C++, Java, Swift development for iPhone, Android, Arduino and Raspberry Pi based physical computing environment.

Technology made easy

Committed to provide our clients a "one-stop, world class" service, we leverage our expertise in technology, computing industry and the power of Internet. The remarkable result and uncompromising, highest quality service are only to exceed your expectation. This is how we embark successful, long term relationship with clients.

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